Ekos Precision Machining Inc. is an industrial leader in supplying low and high profile companies with a variety of machining services. We have supplied some of the biggest bakeries in the world with machined parts and fabricated large-scale machinery for large Canadian and American companies. With a combined 100 years of experience, our employees are well trained to deal with high volume machining as well as custom and complex designs. Ekos has gained a strong reputation for its around the clock availability and reliability when it comes to getting your job done on time. Send us your drawings for a free estimate!  



Raw Material Solutions

 We have also partnered with our good friends at Metal Center Express to supply the GTA with raw materials such as various types of metals from aluminum flat bars to steel tubing and plastics cut to size with no minimum. If our machining capabilities do not meet your standards, Metal Center Express will be happy to supply your raw material demands.